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By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.

I reserve the right to decline commissions.

I am allowed to show and post the artwork for promotional purposes.

-Both parties must respond to WIPs and updates responsibly.

Clients must promise...

You must credit me(@liby) when posting the artwork on any social media platform.

All artwork are for personal use, please let me know if you are using it for commercial use beforehand.

-Artwork is never sold or given to a third party.


Process and Revisions

Clients can contact me through discord or email to order commissions.

If I do not receive your message in a week, I will automatically cancel your commission.

Work In Progress shots will be given to clients.

If there's a particular deadline you'd like the commission by, discuss it with me prior to payment. (Rush fee may apply.)

All revisions should be done in the initial stage. Any alteration is not allowed after the final sketch is approved.( Unless you pay the extra fee)

I will update the progress to clients at different stages. (line art, flat colors.)

Final PNG or JPG sent through email or discord.

Small changes at any point of the process are okay.

(such as adding small accessories or changing the facial expression.)

Once the piece is finished, clients can no longer request for any changes.



-Payment is sent in USD via Zelle or PayPal.

-Payments must be sent within 2 days after I accept your request.

-All commissions must all be paid in 50% upfront. However, payments over $200 may be paid the full 30% as deposit. The remaining 70% must be paid within two days after the final sketch is approved.

If I do not receive your payment in a week, I will automatically cancel your commission.


Refund and Cancellation

If you cancel the commission before I start the initial sketch, you will get a full refund.

If you cancel after receiving the initial sketch you will get a partial refund (% depending on the complexity).

You will not receive refunds after the final sketch is approved.

If the artist cancels the commission halfway through on their own accord, the client gets a full refund.

You may keep the sketch and share according to the TOS above, however, you must not complete it or ask someone else to complete it for you.



Payment and where you can text me

I receive payment through Zelle or PayPal. All prices in USD.

Please contact me through either email or discord.

You can check them in CONTACT section.

Timezone: EST (will update depending on my location)



Will Draw


Furry attributes (cat ears, tail, etc.)

Will Not Draw

Furries (for now)


Realism (for now)

Political agenda

We can negotiate more possibilities as long as it is not listed under the Will NOT Draw category

Please include the following information when you message me:

1. What should I call you

2. Character references (images, links, descriptions)

3. Anything I should know about your characters (personality, hobbies, characteristics, etc)

4. Preferred poses/ themes (optional)

5. Personal or Commercial use



If the client want to change something after the initial sketch is finished, it will require an extra fee depending on the complexity of the revision.

The client requested a complex background (this includes drawing multiple structures, buildings, roads and props etc.): 40% of total cost (percentage may vary)

Customs: 30% of total cost (percentage may vary)

The character has a complex designs/props: 30% of total cost (price may vary)

Private commissions, meaning I will not post your commission on social media: 20% of total cost(price may vary)

Commercial usage: depends on platform/commission.

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